Asus ROG MOONSTONE ACE L Tempered Glass Mouse Pad, Anti-slip Silicone Base, 500 x 400 x 4 mm, Black

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  • Type Mouse Pads
  • Vendor ASUS
  • Barcode 4711387312520

The ROG Moonstone Ace L is a large gaming mouse pad made of durable tempered glass, featuring an ultrasmooth surface optimized for fast, consistent mouse glides and an anti-slip silicone base.

  • Ultrafast glides_ Smooth matte surface for swift and accurate hand movements
  • Noise-reducing design_ Ensures swipes are extra quiet
  • Exceptional durability_ Made of impact- and scratch-resistant tempered glass
  • Full, anti-slip base_ A full silicone base provides exceptional stability and features ROG-inspired markings
  • Large size_ Measures 500 x 400 mm
Swift swipes. Smooth snipes.
The ROG Moonstone Ace L is a premium mouse pad made of impact- and scratch-resistant tempered glass for exceptional durability. Its specially treated surface provides unmatched levels of precision as well as effortless swipes and tracking. With moves so fast and clean, your opponents won’t know what’s hit them.

Treated For Performance
The glass surface of the Moonstone Ace L is specially treated to ensure pixel-precise tracking and enhanced performance.

Ultra-Low Resistance
The surface is primed for ultrafast glides, allowing for effortless mouse movements over long periods of gaming sessions.

Total Precision
With ultra-low dynamic and static friction, the surface accurately converts every subtle hand movement into in-game action, so flicking and tracking is an absolute breeze.

Silent & Smooth
An additional coating on the glass surface reduces sound so your movements across the mouse pad stays quiet.
Impact Resistant 
Made out of 9H tempered glass, the ROG Moonstone Ace L displays exceptional durability and tensile strength. It’s completely shatter-proof, even when dropped from a height of 1 meter.

Scratch Resistant 
The glass surface has a special coating that’s designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring years of use.

Easy To Clean 
Dirt and smudges can be easily wiped-off of the glass surface with a wet cloth.

Secure And Stylish
A full silicone base ensures the Moonstone Ace L stays put, giving you a stable platform for fast, sudden movements. At ROG, we never slack in style. the whole base is adorned with distinct ROG markings for a unique look.


Ultrafast glides Noise-reducing design Exceptional durability See Overview for more details
Mouse Pad
Surface Material
Impact and scratch-resistant tempered glass
Surface Colour
Base Material
Anti-slip silicone
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2 Years