Arctic TP-3 Premium Performance Gap Filler Thermal Pads (4-Pack), Easy Installation, 120 x 120 mm, 1.5 mm Thick, Blue

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Product details

  • Type Thermal Pads
  • Vendor ARCTIC
  • Barcode 4895213704007

High Performance Thermal Solution

Arctic TP-3 Premium Performance Gap Filler Thermal Pads offer excellent thermal conductivity with their unique silicone and special filler composition. Designed for various components, they deliver superior performance by compensating for height differences and providing easy installation.

Optimal Thermal Resistance

With a versatile 1.5 mm thickness that compresses to fit uneven surfaces, TP-3 pads minimize thermal resistance and are perfect for RAMs, chipsets, and ICs across devices.

Durable and Safe

Electrically insulating and non-adhesive, the TP-3 pads ensure safe and effective heat transfer, making them a reliable addition to any electronic setup.

Efficient Gap Filler

Soft and moldable, TP-3 thermal pads are ideal for bridging gaps in various electronic devices without damaging sensitive components.